Celebrating Female Creatives #IamWomanTee

When we think about strong, powerful women that inspire us, the names that immediately come to mind are the powerhouse females: Maya, Frida, Diana and of course our very own mother, Rosa. 

If you haven’t been up to date with our new releases, let us introduce you to the second round of  #IamWomanTee. This Women’s campaign debuted for the first time last year, it received a warm welcome and kind response. With people’s support, we were able to assist Ihata Shelter (for abused women and children) in having a farther reach and deeper impact. 

This year, there were over 50 illustration submissions - it was challenging to only select a few. 

In saying that, we've decided to write this post and have all the illustrations on show to celebrate the ladies behind the artwork. Each story and illustration truly moved us and were greatly inspired. 

Thank-you so much to every creative for sharing a piece of yourself, for your efforts and for taking the time to create and be a part of this movement, that we hope will be a tradition in Lucent. We are honoured to know what being a Woman represents to you. 

To our readers, enjoy and let us know what you think!

Tamelyn Laurence
Tamelyn: “Hearing a story about Gender Based Violence on the radio had a direct link that one word can either break you down or build you up. Together as women, we have a voice.”


                 One Word

Erin Murdoch
Erin: “First of all, I love being a woman and belonging to a community of such incredible human beings. But to me, being a woman means being fragile, intricate, delicate, and beautiful, but also incredible strong, resilient, resourceful, and full of life. We can be loving and nurturing while also being the pillar of strength for so many. Together we cackle with laughter and enjoy all the beauties, joys, and hardships of life. We are stronger together!”.

Resilient Elegance

Hanna Jung
Hanna: “I drew to show how as a woman one takes on many roles. We are each so multifaceted. Made up of many different interests, experiences, beliefs, and passions.”

          I am She

Caitlyn Pimenta
Caitlyn: “Like nature, a woman creates, nurtures and nourishes. She is unique, she is courageous, she is overflowing with strength. She lifts, restores and gives light to others. Like nature, grow unapologetically.”



Liandri Fouché
Liandri: “A woman remembers her wild side, fighting to stay free. Age has taught her to keep it all together, although her soul is fragile and breakable. Filled with cracks & holes she does not show.”

 The Shape of Things

Yumna Connelly
Yumna: “I do not believe that one's physical features define what it means to be a woman but rather adds to the unique beauty of it which is why the second body is held in hand. In my eyes, being a woman comes from within the soul as it resembles a cosmic energy inside and out like no other.”


Cosmic Soul

Alishia Strydom
Alishia:”This artwork challenges the notion of beauty and what a woman is supposed to live up to, you must embrace the ‘ugliness’. If you can achieve that, then you will shine with confidence which is the most amazing feature a woman can have!”

            Double Chin

Nondumiso Beattie
Nondumiso: ”This is inspired by South Africa’s fight against Gender Based Violence, an ongoing pandemic. Being a womxn and raising a daughter in South Africa can easily mean living our lives in debilitating fear and persistent dread. However, I am also encouraged when I look into my daughter’s eyes knowing that although the war waged against us is brutal, we continue to birth generations of fighters, each one more powerful than the last. Power courses through our veins. It is who we are. It is who we will always be.”

     Lineage of Warriors

Zakiyya Karim
Zakiyya: “As womxn have started to gain more independence, we have been able to construct our own conception of what it means to be valid and feminine. That our power and beauty cannot be defined externally anymore.”



Erin Braithwaite 
Erin: “Every woman is as unique as her fingerprint. This was the starting point for my exploration of the concept of visually representing what being a woman means to me. Through physical fingerprints, a woman leaves her mark on the world. She uses her hands to love, work, heal, and create. With her hands she gives and receives. Through all of these actions she leaves her ‘fingerprint’ on the world.”


 A Woman’s Touch

Bronwyn Veldsman
Bronwyn: “Mother Nature has no rules or regulations, she is independent, strong and mindful and has respect for herself, she loves herself and knows her worth!”



Raissa Makonga 
Raissa: "You are not alone and I am not alone. We are in a sisterhood together, and together we can make it." 


Celebrating Female Creatives #IamWomanTee