Introducing, Aurōra

The magic of the African Sky.

There is nothing quite like an African sunset. Everyday is unique, brand new and fresh. The colours are forever evolving and it's always a surprise. Gazing at these sunsets and surrendering after a long day is my form of meditation and reflection. It is like a piece of art being created before my very eyes, almost as if the sky is being painted in front of me, every stroke different to the next. Various textures and depths of colour. 

If you had to look through my camera roll, you would see endless images of sunsets and sunrises. I love the gush of colours, shades, tones and patterns that this powerful life force creates.

Mother nature is so inspiring. She is brave, unafraid to explore, play and try new things. She shines brightly and provides love, warmth, light and life so effortlessly and selflessly.  

This collection's colour palette pays homage to these bursts of colours and the Earth from where the golden star rises each day.

Who is Aurōra?

In Greco-Roman mythology, Goddess Aurōra is the personification of the dawn. According to the Greek poet Hesiod's Theogony, she was the daughter of the Titan Hyperion and the Titaness Theia and sister of Helios, the sun god, and Selene, the moon goddess. Her siblings are the Sun (Sol) and the Moon (Luna).

As the goddess of the Dawn, the attributes of Aurōra are: a torch, symbol of light, either carried by her or for her by a companion; the eagle, which hunts by day; the flowers that open with the early sun; a vessel for pouring out dew; and the morning star. Seen below, Aurōra triumphing over night at day break, caressed by the angels.

I wanted this collection to be a reflection of everything good in this world. There is so much, you'll feel it too when you pause and take it in with a grateful heart. There's a quote from Rick Rubin that is especially fitting, "Creative ideas are best evaluated through the senses not the intellect."

For this collection, we are truly proud of what has manifested, it was a labour of love with over 80 people proudly contributing to the vision of the collection. Each design element, fabric, colour and process was analysed and utilised to it’s highest potential. It was a collaborative effort, built with a community mindset and nature as our first friend. We flipped systems upside down and inside out, we pushed boundaries and side stepped pathways. We never want to create humdrum articles, we want to move you, to change your perspective, to break your mind open, inspire you to spread warmth and shine light. 

Introducing, Aurōra