A collection that is inspired, aspired and led by the angels.

We present, Aurōra

We present, Aurōra

Welcome to a fresh, new season!

Thank you for passing by. We hope that you find something you love and treasure for many years to come. We want you to know that we are filled with hope, we remain optimistic and will continue to learn, grow and adjust, for the betterment of you, us and the planet.

Because we are a slow, considered & ethical label ~ we will be releasing select items over the course of 2021, from our latest collection, Aurōra. We believe that each piece deserves that sole attention to shine. All while sustaining and supporting our team members, manufactures and suppliers as best we can. 

At Lucent, we are committed to a vision of empowering positive change for the planet and humanity, with your support, we are able to have a farther reach and a deeper impact. We will continue to actively engage in ethical practices, sustainable methods and be radically transparent with our clients ~ our friends.

Together, we are connected through resilience and community. We will not only overcome, but thrive. Keep checking in, we cant wait to hug you in our new peices!

~ Claudia D.

"Phenomenal clothing, attention to detail and great service. Obsessed with the Lucent brand."

~ Salome M.

"The brand to watch out for, really creative and exciting designs."

~ Caryn W.

"Thank you so much for giving me confidence in myself that I didn't have before. Lucent is doing amazing work."