Our Story

\ˈluːs(ə)nt/Glowing with or giving off light.
House of Lucent is designed and created in Cape Town, South Africa, because we care about who makes our clothes just as much as who we make them for.
Our garments hold a story ~ it hides in the seams and whispers from the folds, look and listen closely.
Lucent won the SA Fashion Week New Talent Search, with its Shaping the future of Sustainability collection, in 2019. 

Our Ethical Approach

Our focus is job creation, people empowerment, high-quality and unique design. We lead with integrity, emotion and believe in transparency.

It is important to us that you know who makes your clothes or accessories, where they are produced and what they are made of. All our garments are made with love, smiles and skilled hands.
Here at Lucent, we appreciate, value and celebrate our team's craftsmanship and artistry. Our aim is to shine light throughout the lives of all the hands that create the clothes, as well as the hands that receive the final garment. 

Slow Fashion

We hope to inspire a new way of thinking about, choosing and wearing clothes to ensure they bring meaningful value and joy to everyday.

Each design element is carefully considered and close attention is paid to fine construction and finish. We do not mass produce and we are not too big on trends either.

The Lucent team analyze every aspect from design to pattern development, fabric selection and testing to pre-production samples. We want our garments to not only be functional, but to serve the purpose of durability, comfort and style.


Lucent creates small ethically produced capsules that are inspired by ever-changing themes. We enjoy focusing on small ranges to promote exclusivity and minimise waste. Our design aesthetic is minimal. We appreciate elegant lines, classics with contemporary twists. We offer a limited edition of transseasonal, interchangeable and carefully considered pieces.  

We deliver modern classics that incorporate ancient garment-making traditions and artisanal crafts with earth and people-friendly manufacture.

The Designer

Born in South Africa, as a Portuguese descendant, Laura Ferreira can be described as a dreamer and independent thinker. She believes in better, in people, good intentions, passion, purpose and hard work. "I was raised by a family where creativity and business blended harmoniously. For as long as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to build something beautiful and long lasting, all while helping the hands involved." She launched Lucent in response to an inspiring encounter with a group of female garment workers at the manufacturing plant. She believes the seamstresses, steamers and cutters are the true beating heart of the fashion industry and is determined to contribute to the revival of South Africa’s clothing industry – one stitch at a time.